• The Collagen+ Booster is packed with peptides for restoring volume and tightness to skin that’s lost elasticity, tone and density.
  • The Vitamin A+ Booster“is great for oily or acneic skin, or if you have really visible pores,” says Gina. “It also helps resurface fine lines and wrinkles like a traditional retinol product. It’s been formulated to have a buffer, so it’s not as irritating as other retinols.”
  • The Antioxidant+ Booster is Gina’s favourite. “It really does give your skin that boost when it looks tired and kind of sad, the same way you would drink a green juice when you feel blah. It also has more natural ingredients than the others.”

I’m a bit of a serum junkie, so I LOVE the concept of these and that you can use different ones depending on what your skin needs. I’m a longtime user of SkinCeuticals’ antioxidant serums, as well as various vitamin A topicals, so it’s very exciting to have new alternatives that are of similar quality and equally lightweight!

Oxygen facial benefits

The Intraceuticals Infusion oxygen facial

Delivers therapeutic-grade oxygen and concentrated serums into layers of the skin using pressurized oxygen. It feels like a cool mist is being sprayed, but underneath it all low molecular-weight hyraloronic acid and antioxidants penetrate deep to combat the effects of aging and environmental abuse. This highly relaxing facial wakes up your skin with no extraction or abrasion. 


Gina Brook’s Madonna’s make up artist :

“I found Intraceuticals in 2004 at a time when I was doing mostly beauty campaigns and lots of the models and celebrities were showing up on set and their skin was… not the best. For example, some of them had not just dehydrated skin but acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis. And no matter what I did, I couldn’t make the skin look as beautiful as I wanted to. No matter what makeup, it just didn’t help. I tried expensive creams; I tried non-expensive creams; nothing seemed to work.

“Most celebrities have it done more often [than the recommended treatment schedule] because they’re on planes every day, and it just zaps all the moisture out of your skin. So in that case, for example Madonna or Justin Timberlake or Katy Perry, these people take it on tour with them. They have to do a treatment every day or every other day so that their skin looks incredible on stage.”