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Hair Reduction & Waxing For Men

Hair Reduction & Waxing For Men

We are the specialists in Male hair removal in Brisbane

Waxing For Men

We began male hair removal way back in 2005 and our Men come from far and wide for our expert services and stay with us for many years.

Our team of senior therapists are waxing wizards and male hair removal is one of our most popular services.

Male Brazilian hair removal can be daunting for 1st-time waxers but we provide modesty towels and refresher pre-waxing wipes.

The secret for getting male hair removal is using high-quality soft wax for sensitive areas and for larger areas such as legs and back wax is the technique and speed of your therapist.

The most common question we are asked by Men is

“How long does my hair need to be for waxing?”

We recommend the same length as a grain of rice to ensure a pain-free as possible service.