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Dedicated to spray tans since 2005,  here is our list of dos and don’ts to make you look great not fake!

What you need to know

What to do before Spray tans ?

To get the best out of spray tans exfoliate your whole body with extra attention to feet, hands, knees and elbows these areas are generally dryer with thicker skin so you need to be a smooth as possible. Arrive to your appointment like you have just stepped out of the shower!

Large waxing areas such as arms, legs, backs etc the day before, eyebrows & brazilian bikini waxing done with hot wax can be done before your tan on the day never the same days as strip waxing.

Before or After?

  1. Shaving – share several hours before your tan
  2. Manicures & Pedicures – have these done before tanning
  3. Hairdresser – either before your tan or after your 1st shower

What do I wear to spray tan in?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in. In general most clients wear either a disposable G-String which is supplied, their own underwear, or go naked.  Rubber thongs are the perfect footwear.

What do I wear straight after my tan ?

Something loose that you can pull over your head or button up down the front. Tighter clothes can leave imprints in your clothes. Don’t wear jeans, denim skirts, shorts or closed in or strappy shoes.

What not to wear!

Anything that can create a barrier between your skin and the spray tan -moisturizes, deodorants, perfumes. Leave loose jewellery at home, if you are unable to take jewellery off that is fine. Band aids – bandages remove – we don’t spray over fresh wounds but remember if you have a band aid or bandage on you will have the same tan line on that area.

Don’t go bare foot in a tan room as the bottom of your feet will walk in over-spray resulting in black feet.

What happens next?

The process is quick and takes only minutes, it should be performed in a large area with air extractors, you should be given care instructions and most importantly listen to your therapist on how long to leave your tan on. It’s important not to touch your body or face until your first shower as this can transfer the tan from body to hand resulting in brown or orange hands & fingers – not attractive!.

Shower after the given time, run water until it runs clear do not use soaps or shampoos and do not moisturise after your first shower because the tan is still processing.

My Spray tan has washed off! 

It hasn’t!

Rapid tans process between 1-5 hours and will look like they have washed off after your first shower. This is normal, the tan will still be developing over the next 6 hours.

Basically you have just washed off the bronzing solution so it does not over process.

How long should my spray tan last?

Spray tan should last between 5-7 days in normal conditions; if you follow our recommendation on what to avoid after tanning it will dramatically extend the life of your tan 2-3 days extra.

Some skin types are unable to hold spray tans however this is very rare

Water activities – we recommend minimal time or jump in jump out.

Avoid the following if you can and your tan will last longer:

  • showers/baths/sauna/pools/beach – water in general!
  • activities that makes you sweat daily exercise at the gym or home,  even walking
  • moisturising daily
  • aftercare products highly perfumed and not designed for spray tans
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Our dos and don’ts tips for a longer lasting spray tans 

Purchase tan extender after your first tan to keep your skin hydrated daily ensuring a longer tan life and even wear off. Moisturisers not developed by spray tan companies contain ingredients that strip tan colour instead of extending it.

Buy colour injector, as your tan fades out over the week give it a colour injection with Summer’s Secret as well as hydrating your skin you can reboot your tan back to life by applying on days 4 to 7. Avoid over the counter tan building products these can turn your professional spray tan orange or yellow and wear loose clothing where possible.

How to avoid looking orange?

Find a professional that understands your skin tone and offers a range of solutions. Don’t be fooled into thinking the longer you leave your tan on the darker you will go – this is incorrect.

Do not use any over the counter self tanning products, use recommended professional products made by the makers of the solution.

Look “spotty” after your spray tan

This generally means their is soap, shampoo or deodorant residue on your body at the time of spray tanning – whilst not visible to the naked eye they do build up to create a barrier between your skin and spray tan,  once developed it creates white spots for soaps and green/black marks underarms.

The best thing about a spray tans?

It makes you feel healthier, happier and 5kg thinner!

Happy Spray tanning

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