We are the specialists in Male hair removal in Brisbane

We began male hair removal way back in 2005 and our Men come from far and wide for our expert services and stay with us for many years. Our waxing techniques for Men provide as pain free as possible services to all areas of the body from Eyebrows, Male Brazilian Waxing, Back Wax, Chest, Bottoms and even toes ! .

Our team of senior therapists are waxing wizards and male hair removal is one of our most popular service.  Male brazilian hair removal can be daunting for 1st time waxers but we provide modesty towels and refresher pre-waxing wipes. The secret for getting male hair removal is using high quality soft wax for sensitive areas and for larger areas such as legs and back wax is technique and speed of your therapist.

The most common question we are asked by Men is “How long does my hair need to be for waxing?” We recommend the same length as a grain of rice to ensure a pain free as possible service.

Our easy to find clinic comfortable with great parking just out front , you never have to walk through a shopping centre after your treatment. We are open 3 late nights a week if you have a busy schedule and happy to answer any questions prior to your waxing appointment.

Male hair removal is for any age our clients range from 17 to 86 !   We offer pre-operative waxing services for Men who just that one wax or regulars returning every 6-8weeks.


Male Hair Removal IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) commonly referred as IPL LASER  is the next generation in effective male hair removal technology.

Traditionally, most cosmetic procedures have been associated with lasers. As technology has progressed, research has shown that pulsed light, and in particular Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), are regularly producing better results than the laser units originally available. We have been performing male hair removal  IPL-Laser treatments since 2005  our reputation and results speak for themselves. Our medical grade equipment gives superior results for male hair removal in normally 8 -10 treatments this can increase If your heritage is Mediterranean.

Men traditionally have thicker coarser body hair and are prone to suffer from painful ingrown hairs normally around face neck and brazilian area, razor rash or pilonidal cysts , male hair removal IPL technology can prevent these conditions.

Male hair removal with IPL is very popular however is not suited to all hair or skin types;

Hair: White, grey, light blonde, light red and red hair cannot be treated – please be aware whilst some clinics advertise this you will NOT get results.

Skin : African American, dark Indian skin types suffer hyperpigmentation and cannot be treated.

If in doubt please just call us for a  FREE consultation.

Hair removal

Male hair removal


Brazilian $71

Full bottom (mountains & valley) $39

Bottom only (just the valley) $28

Bottom (mountains) $32

Scrotum only $25

Legs & arms

Half leg $49

Full leg $69

Underarm $26

Half arm $32

Full arm $49

Abdomen, back & chest

Tummy line $30

Abdomen $37

Back lower $29

Back upper $33

Back full $54

Back full & shoulders $69

Chest including nipples $39

Chest & abdomen $62

Back + shoulders + chest + Abdo package $120

Bottom half

Manzilian $89

Manzilian & full bottom $199

Full bottom (mountains & valley) $95

Bottom (valley) $45

Pre-treatment shaving fee $20

Legs & arms

Leg (lower) including feet & knees $250

Half arm (upper or lower) $175

Full arm $220

Underarm $59

Abdomen, back & chest

Abdomen $160

Abdomen & chest $195

Back (lower) $140

Back (upper) $195

Back (full) $220

Full back & shoulders $425

Chest including nipples $165

Shoulders $109

Prices are per session. Pre-treatment shaving fee is from $20.



We are currently working on an exciting new range of masculine treatments tailored to the trending Brisbane man.


Male hair removal IPL

Eyebrow (middle) $19

Eyebrow tidy $22

Eyebrow sculpture & shape $32

Ears & nose $22

Back of neck $21

Eyebrow (middle) $25

Neck (back) $53

Neck (front) $85

Prices are per session. Pre-treatment shaving fee is from $20.

Lactic starter peel $69

Microdermabrasion $89

Rejuvenate hydration oxygen treatment $110

Acne clarity oxygen treatment $110

Broken capillaries redness and pigmentation spot treatments from $30

Add to your facial:

Extractions from $20

Microdermabrasion with facial $70

Collagen infused eye treatment $15

15 minute head & shoulder massage $15

Find out more about facials.

Feature product

aspect red less 21

Aspect Red Less 21

Relaxation therapy in a bottle – for skin on the verge of a nervous breakdown!

If you are experience facial redness, skin sensitivity after shaving, chronically dry skin, uncomfortably tight skin, lumps and bumps, reactions to fragrances, colours and preservatives help has finally arrived!

This serum has the power to comfort and relieve the look and feel of stressed out skin minimising redness and providing healthy vibrant skin.


At any stage your hairs will be in one of three phases: growth, dormant or dead. IPL works by delivering short light pulses to the treatment area. This heats the hair follicles to about 70 degrees while leaving the surrounding skin below 45 degrees. Heating the hair follicles kills the hairs, which will then fall out naturally over the next week or so. However, the hair can only be killed in the growth phase. Because not every hair will be in the same phase at the same time, a course of treatments is required in order to catch every hair follicle in its growth phase.

How long does the hair need to be for IPL treatments?

You don’t need to grow any length prior to your treatment course all hair needs to be shaved allowing the light to travel down the hair follicl

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