Make your eyes more beautiful with longer fuller Eyelash Extensions

or Lift & Curl your natural lashes 

Lash extensions

Lash extensions are all about the curl & length  – for a natural look choose silk and for a glamorous dramatic look we recommend Hybrid lashes

Our expert team apply your lash extensions to the based of your own lash and design to your eye shape and the natural curl of your own lashes.

Lash Lifts

Lash lifts are the perfect solution to enhance and open up your eyes without using lash extensions we curl and colour your natural lash for a fuller, thicker look.  Lash lifts are also a perfect solution for

  • Fair or light coloured lashes
  • Fading eyesight
  • You don’t like applying mascara!
  • To avoid “Panda eyes” at the gym or swimming

Our top tips for fabulous lashes

  • Don’t be late – we allow enough time for your appointment, however,  if late this shortens your time and our ability to complete fabulous lashes for you.
  • Be prepared – don’t wear mascara! Lash lifts & Extensions can only be performed to clean natural lashes
  • Don’t use oil-based products on or near your new Lash extensions
  • Be rewarded with our Lash Lovers Loyalty card and save over $120.00 on your regular visits

Lash Lifts

Lash lift Brisbane

Lash Lift + complimentary tint $75

Lash Lift + complimentary  tint + Brow design $95

Lash Extensions

Hybrid lashes Brisbane

Hybrid lash extensions full set $149

Hybrid lash extensions refill (4-5 weeks) $110

Hybrid lash extensions refill (2-3 weeks) $89

Silk lash extensions full set $119

Silk lash refill (2-3 weeks) $79

Silk lash refill (4-5 weeks) $89

Silk lash extensions half set (corners only) $89

Mascara & lash extension removal from – $25

Brows Henna Tints

Facials Brisbane

Brow mono $15

Brow Tidy $25

Brow ReShape $32

Lash tint  $23

Brow tint  + Lash tint $36

Brow Shape + Lash tint $38

Brow Shape  + Brow tint $38

Brow Sculpture + Brow + Lash tint $59

Henna Brows + Brow sculpture + lash tint $89

Henna brows (tint only) $53