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This little know Australian Company –  Intraceuticals is fast becoming the favourite Hollywood facial!

Intraceuticals facials is one of the top tried and tested treatments mentioned by Alice Hart, Award Winning Beauty Expert and Journalist in The Times article.
“The oxygen skin-boosters. This treatment uses a jet of pressurised oxygen to get skin-rejuvenating serum into the lower layers of the skin. It aids lymph drainage and blood circulation too. Apparently, oxygen has a calming effect on the skin. The result is the sort of dewy skinned glow of which any model/actress would be proud. Kim Kardashian has her own machine from the celebrity favorite Intraceuticals[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

We already knew Intraceuticals was a great brand for their facials are excellent.

Then Victoria Beckham said “there is nothing like Intraceuticals…it really helps you look and feel your best,” and we suddenly wanted to stock up on their best selling +Booster Serums for its skin clarifying and plumping benefits.
– Source Katy Young – Telegraph Lifestyle & Beauty – London


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