We have been spray tanning for 12 years’ and have done so many we have lost count, “how long will my spray tan last” is the number 1 question we are asked!

The anatomy of the spray tan on skin cells
Spray tan solutions sit on the top layer of your skin, and your skin constantly regenerating itself so when you shed skin cells your tan goes with it! generally the body has new skin cells every 5-7 days and there goes your tan however what if your spray tan fades out before day 3 we have a few tips and tricks that can help you get your spray tan to that magic day 5-7 or even a little longer.


  • Use a pre-spray treatment, we use Solaire, a ph balance pre-spray immediately prior to the spray which adds silky amino acid for tan development adds moisture and allows full absorption of the soliton.
  • After your application, go home and relax while the process is taking place, the last thing you want to do after the tan spraying is to go shopping afterwards.
  • Keep your skin happy and moisturize every-time you shower, yet use products design to use over your fake tan. Moisturizers highly perfumed strip you tan away and this is why we always recommend using a tan extender made specifically for spray tans. Never ever use gradual tanning products from the supermarket on your tan – you will turn a weird colour.


  • Wear tight clothes throw your jeans to the curb when you have your tan on, they rub against your skin and rub your tan off.
  • Stay away from the water! any type of water will reduce your tan by days.
  • Showers, baths, saunas, spas, pools and the beach are your tan enemy. If you’re hot, then jump in jump out.
  • Exercise – your spray tan hates sweat – exercise makes your skin cells regenerate and takes your tan off quicker.
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