Brazilian Bikini Waxing for Women

Our customised Brazilian bikini waxing techniques provide a pain-free as possible service all Brazilian bikini waxing is performed by our senior therapists who make you feel safe in their hands using premium hot/soft wax specially designed for sensitive bits!

We provide pre-wax refresher wipes, modesty towels & disposable
g-strings for your modesty and comfort.

Pregnancy & pre-birth Brazilian bikini waxing is another of our speciality waxing services.

Our caring team of professionals are here to answer any questions that you may have before the appointment.

First time waxing?

Don’t worry Brazilian bikini wax and body hair removal is our speciality and we use the highest quality wax designed for your Brazilian bikini area.

In addiction to your Brazilian bikini waxing many women book for hair removal for areas such as chest, back, nostrils, neck, lip, chin, sides of face, upper thigh hormonal hair, full body hair removal and we even wax toes!.

For more permanent results we also offer IPL (often known as IPL/Laser) treatments

“How long does the hair have to be before my Brazilian bikini wax ?”

The answer is as long as a grain of rice

Brazilian bikini waxing

Brazilian waxing $49

Bikini (sides & top of undies) $29

Boy leg extension add to any wax $12

G-string $42

Brazilian (all off or a little off) $58

Bottom (mountains & valley) $27

Bottom (valley only) $19

Half legs (upper or lower) $34

3/4 legs $49

Full legs $54

Popular packs

Hair removal

Bikini & full leg $73

Bikini & half leg $63

Brazilian & full leg $98

Brazilian & half leg $86

Brazilian, full leg & underarm $120

G-string & full leg $85

G-string, full leg & underarm $99

G-string & half leg $73

Full body $199

Face & Eyebrow threading now available!

Eyebrow threading

Brazilian bikini waxing loyalty card

Loyalty card

There is nothing nicer than smooth hair-free skin and now with waxing treatments so affordable there is no reason why we shouldn’t all be hair-free. Regular waxing treatments can now be rewarded with our new Waxing Loyalty Card.Visit Bronzed Brazilian Cannon Hill for your waxing needs and save $5 off your fifth treatment.

Ask your therapist for a Waxing Loyalty Card on your next visit.

CONDITIONS: Must present card for each visit. One stamp per visit per full price service. Not transferable or redeemable for cash or salon credit or valid with any special offers. Cancellation fees may apply.