Botox? Scared of Needles? Is there an alternative ?

Not all of us love the idea of using Botox or Fillers; there is something about putting botulism bacteria in our face that’s just damn scary. While others go cold and shiver at the thought of having needles anywhere near us let alone near our face!

So is there an alternative solution to reducing the appearance of our wrinkles without injections?

The answer is Yes!


Hollywood celebrities Cher, Madonna, Miley, Jessica Biel have been touting the little-known Aussie Skincare company Intraceuticals products and facials for free for years! So, if they’re promoting Intraceuticals for FREE, they must love it!

Intraceuticals have needle-free Atoxelene wand with botanical peptides they claim is the answer to ridding the dreaded wrinkle.

This is what we know from Intraceuticals themselves.

Atoxelene is a serum used in Hyperbaric Oxygen Facials, and we know from our experience doing these treatments the serum smooths out the wrinkles.

Atoxelene serum can be purchased in wand or serum to target areas of the face you need to lift at home. The Atoxelene Line Wand contains botanical peptides in a professional strength serum to target precisely the areas where you need it.

The signs of ageing are visibly reduced without pain, with a real skin smoothing complex that targets the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Giving results that are both instant and accumulate over time, skin only looks better and better.

Intraceuticals Atoxelene Line Wand naturally enhances the surface, diminishing the look of lines around the eyes, lips, forehead and mouth.

For $69 the Atoxelene wand from Intraceuticals is a much cheaper option than injections and worth giving it a go, what have you got to lose except your wrinkles!