Bikini Brazilian waxing

Not all Bikini line to Brazilian waxes are created equal!

We have been waxing Men & Women ince 2005 and are often asked what’s the difference between hot & soft wax ?  so here is the low down on what we believe is best for our clients

Strip waxing: is generally the consistency of honey applied to the skin thinly with  pre cut waxing strips (in our case we use calico)  rubbed over .  This allows for the wax to adhere closer to your skin, we then pull the strip in the opposite direction of the hair.

We use calico whilst it is harder to work with than pre-cut waxing strips,  the softness and pliability of calico gets closer to the hair base and is less painful than pre cut strips.

Remember the movie “40 year old Virgin” ?  now you have the picture, do you really want your delicate bits stripped! It is painful and you will find an increase to ingrown hair as strip waxing in such a small area can cause he hair to snap off rather than be pulled out.

Don’t settle for a strip wax Brazilian this is a definite no no! Strip wax is perfect and should only be used for robust areas such as legs, arms, back and shoulders

Why do clinics use strip wax for Brazilians? Simple it is cheaper and quicker for them.   

Hard wax/soft wax:  is thicker more pliable wax applied to the skin thickly is allowed to cool down and the pulled in a quick motion rather than stripped . Hard/soft wax has been specially designed for area’s with thinner skin and prevents skin coming off with the wax.  A good clinic will use hot/soft wax on facial areas & eyebrows, underarms and of course bikini to Brazilian waxes so our motto is “trust your soft bits with soft wax ” 

Strip waxing eyebrows? Let’s just say over the years we have seen many an eyebrow go “missing” when this technique is used on brows

While we know there is a greater risk of skin removal when strip waxing your soft bit’s , hot/soft wax occasionally will  lift skin too if you are  overcoming flu, colds , ill health or on certain medications such as Roaccutane (for acne) making your skin thin and delicate so no matter what type of wax is used skin will lift when wax is removed. We always recommend if you are not 100% well, delay your wax appointment to avoid any problems.