Spring Spray Tans

Voted top 10 Best Spray Tan Salon Brisbane! – Style Magazine
Dedicated to the tan we have lead the way in spray tanning salons since in 2005, we are committed to giving the best spray tan in Brisbane!

Bronzed favs

Spray tan


1-3 hours



1-3 hours



1-5 hours


Premium tans

Spray tan near me


6-8 hours



1-3 hours



1-3 hours


Buy 3 spray tans, get 1 FREE!
Purchase 3 tans from our Bronzed Babes $28 or Premium Collections $37-$42 and get your 4th tan FREE!
* T & Cs purchase before September 30, 2017, tans must be taken by October 30, 2017. VIP stamp not available on free tan. Non-refundable for cash or services.
Spray tan red base

Colour base: Brown, Red, Green or Violet

Spray tan PH balance pre spray

Includes complimentary pre-spray

Vegan spray tan

Cruelty-free and vegan

Spray tan Brisbane

Voted Australian Bridal Industry Awards winning tan solution

What you need to know

What do I wear ?
Whatever you feel most comfortable in  –  In general most clients wear either a disposable G-String which we will supply , rubber thongs are the perfect footwear

What not to wear !

Anything that can create a barrier between your skin and the spray tan -moisturizes, deodorants, perfumes. Leave  loose jewellery at home if you are unable to take off is fine. Bandaids – bandages remove – we don’t spray over fresh wounds but remember if you have a band aid or bandage on you will have the same tan line on that area.

What happens next?
We are master spray tanners so the process is quick and takes only minutes , our team will give you home care instructions for the tan you have selected before you leave

How long will my tan last ?

Spray tan should last between 5-7 days in normal conditions ; the following will reduce dramatically the life of your tan to 2-3 days

Water activities – we recommend minimal time or jump in jump out

  • showers/baths/sauna/pools/beach – water in general !
  • activities that makes you sweat daily exercise at the gym or home,  even walking
  • not moisturizing daily
  • using aftercare products highly perfumed and not designed for spray tanning

Bridal and Formals

Trial a spray tan at least 6 week before your big day for groups of 5 and more chat to us and we can group discount

Sensitive or problematic skin concerns:

For  highly sensitive skin, or allergic reaction concerns, we recommend a small localised test spray to check your skin compatibility before having a tan.
If you suffer from dermatitis, psoriasis, a recent wound or any other skin condition please speak with us first to guide you as to what to expect.

Sun protection:

Spray-on tanning solutions DO NOT contain a sunscreen so remember to slip slop slap to prevent sunburn .


We do not recommend spray tanning within the first trimester ,  special occasion tanning from second trimester to your last week is fine.

Everyone feels great with a tan ! there is no age limit


Yes of course we spray tan Men

Our best tips for a longer lasting tan 

Purchase tan extender after your 1st tan  to keep your skin hydrated ensuring longer life and even wear off , moisturisers are not designed for spray tans with ingredients that strip tan colour instead of extend it.

Buy colour injector , as your tan fades out over the week give it a colour injection with Summer’s Secret as well as hydrating your skin you can re boot your tan back to life by applying on days 4 to 7.




Our top 3 tips for a great Spray tan



Get spray tan ready by exfoliating your whole body with either exfoliation gloves  or a body brush, do not use a cream exfoliate as this can create a barrier between your skin and the tan solution.

Give extra exfoliation attention to rough skin areas like knees, ankles, heels and the top of your feet. These dry areas tend to absorb tan solution faster making your tan uneven.

Treat yourself to  the ultimate exfoliation with a body brush, your skin will feel amazing and be perfect to spray tan and we will do all the work for you!



Arrive ready without deodorants, moisturisers, perfume or make-up as these can inhibit the effectiveness of the tanning solution.

Wear loose clothing and rubber thongs.



You can reasonably expect your tan to last from 4 to 7 days if you follow our instructions.

Once your tan is applied you must leave it to process as advised before leaving the clinic, we recommend not to exercise or perspire excessively between tanning and showering phase.

Avoid water or rain splashes , use body washes rather than soap don’t exfoliate again until the tan is almost gone.