image2Bronzed Brazilian is pleased to welcome DIANA Joyner – Award Winning, International Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

Diana is well known as the “Queen of the Full Lip Tattoo” and has been is highly regarded as one of the best cosmetic tattooists in the industry and practicing since 1989. Her work is in demand with doctors, surgeons, and dermatologists around Australia.



image1Her credentials include

  • Award winning tattooist
  • Endorsed enrolled nurse
  • Paramedical aesthetician
  • Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) USA
  • Fully qualified make-up artist and beauty therapist
  • 26 years industry experience
  • Specialities in both beautiful natural cosmetic tattooing and medical cosmetic tattooing in the areas of scar camouflage, areola reconstruction and tattoo correction

Available treatments;

  • Eyebrows (feathering natural hairstroke)
  • Eyeliner  (top and bottom) – Designer shading available for these areas
  • Full lip colour
  • Lip line and blending
  • Beauty spots
  • Scar Camouflage
  • Areola colour correction

Diana is a nurse and can provide complete numbing comfort during you procedure.


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Fuller refreshed and youthful looking lips
A natural colour that will make lips look fuller. This procedure can change the size and shape or correct uneven lips and give a defined edge, no more lip liner.
Full Lip - Initial procedure$795.00
Full lip - 12/24 month refresh$398.00
Full lip - 24/36 month refresh$557.00
Full lip - Within 12 week adjustment$125.00
Full lip - 12 week/12 month adjustment$225.00
Lip line blend - Initial procedure$680.00
Lip line blend - 12/24 month refresh$340.00
Lip line blend - 24/36 month refresh$476.00
Lip line blend - Within 12 week adjustment$125.00
Lip line blend - 12 week/12 month adjustment$225.00

The lip procedures includes dental block, please speak with your doctor if you are on medication to confirm that this is safe. If you have ever had cold sores, take Valtrex on the day of the procedure, script available from your GP.


Natural looking eyebrows - Hair stroke feathering
Suitable for anyone wanting more fullness, shaping and definition. This is also a great procedure for anyone who has experiences Alopecia or undergone Chemotherapy.
Full tattoo - Initial procedure$580.00
Full tattoo - 12/24 month refresh$290.00
Full tattoo - 24/36 month refresh$406.00


Soft and subtle or bold and dramatic
A defined softer natural look will make lashes appear fuller. This procedure is also suitable for anyone who has allergies to conventional make-up, who wears contact lenses or who's eyelids droop..
Top eyeliner - Initial procedure$480.00
Top eyeliner- 12/24 month refresh$240.00
Top eyeliner - 24/36 month refresh$336.00
Bottom eyeliner - Initial procedure$390.00
Bottom eyeliner- 12/24 month refresh$195.00
Bottom eyeliner - 24/36 month refresh$273.00
Top & bottom eyeliner - Initial procedure$680.00
Top & bottom eyeliner- 12/24 month refresh$340.00
Top & bottom eyeliner - 24/36 month refresh$476.00

DATES 2017

Cannon Hill

Treatments at Cannon Hill are on Friday
$50 Deposit fee applies to all consultations and is fully refundable to the service or consultation booked on the day .