Eyebrow Threading Brisbane

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique ,a threading professional uses special cotton and rolls this over the skin to gently lift the entire hair from the follicle and remove hair from any part of the face or shape beautiful eyebrows. Threading Is a perfect alternative to waxing if you have a sensitive skin type or allergic to waxing products.

Threading is great for people with ‘trouble’ brows and has this amazing ability to be so precise in getting each hair it’s after.

Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow  $21

Eyebrows + lip  $26

Eyebrows + chin $26

Lip or chin $15

Neck $15

Sides of face $27

Full face $49

Full face including eyebrow shaping $60

How does it work?

A threading professional  twists the cotton and rolls this over the skin in a special method, to gently lift the entire hair from the follicle. Threading removes the entire hair from the follicle, leaving smooth skin that can last up to 4-6 weeks. Perfect for eyebrows and other facial hair removal.

Can you shape eyebrows?

Yes ! threading has precision accuracy , hair can be removed individually to create a perfect shape for the eyebrows. It picks up all the hair on the surface even really fine blonde & short hair too

Does it hurt?

Most clients think it is quite pleasant and gentler than waxing.

What areas can be threaded?

Women: Full face, eyebrows, sides of face, chin, neck lip and forehead.

Men: Eyebrows